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Before You Begin

Let's get a little bit of backstory in. Draccyserv has a long history. We started this project back in 2010, when Minecraft was still in early development. Through its many incarnations, it has evolved into an adventure-driven server (where players are still free to build as they please!), focused on supporting the player community and providing new ways to experience Minecraft.

This year we've started a new project that focuses on RPG-like adventure elements as a baseline for the whole experience. As a player, you will interact with towns and waypoints in each of the 9 different zones. Each zone is unique, with its own culture, resources, enemies and biomes.

Not Regular Minecraft

It's true that we're running on a vanilla game server with no 3rd party mods, but we have added new mechanics and features that are not found in the normal game. The new tools in 1.12 are in fact an early implementation of Mojang's new modding API, and we're taking full advantage of it.

Rather than simply mining resources in a small area to find everything the game has to offer, players will need to complete quest objectives to gain access to new materials. Whatever you build on Draccyserv will be a reflection of your accomplishments in our adventure game.

Other Features

We have an IRC channel on (#draccyserv) that is linked with the in-game chat. Soon, we'll have Discord connected as well. Our goal is to make sure you can have a place to talk to your server friends, even if someone is not playing the game.

Our server relies heavily on a resource pack that must be downloaded when you connect. Please do not attempt to play on Draccyserv without the resource pack loaded. It contains many custom models and sounds that are a vital part of the experience.

Important Notice:

We are still in a very early development stage. We consider this project to be in Alpha phase, and it will likely remain as such for much of 2017. If you choose to join, you will be treated as an Alpha Tester, and your contributions towards our development process will be rewarded when we enter Beta.

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