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Draccyserv is a furry-centric server where folks can build, explore and socialize in a challenging survival environment.

Our community thrives on in-game chat. We have an IRC channel on (#draccyserv) that is linked with the in-game chat, so there's almost always somebody to talk to. Please keep conversation polite, and try to use real English (not chatspeak).

Draccyserv's overworld map is broken up into 9 regions. Each is made up of huge biomes that have unique ore densities. You'll need to travel all over the map to find some of the resources for construction. At the center of each region is a large town with a town hall that provides helpful information and materials.

Travel is made easy by our high-speed railway system. Trains run along straight lines between towns, with many stations along the way where players can hop on or even set up smaller towns!

If a structure is abandoned (player is off the server for over a month), Admins will turn the area into a ruin. Ruins can be claimed or looted by players and built into as needed.

Most players on this server use the Dracpack, a custom Resource Pack by Draccy. Some features of the server are best experienced with this pack loaded! You can get it HERE.

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