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Burger Quest is a demo of Draccyserv's new Quest mechanics. This Adventure uses Dialog interaction with NPCs and features a Key Item.

This guide will walk you through some possible gameplay scenarios to demonstrate how Quests are experienced in-game.

Screenshot Notice

Some of these screenshots were borrowed from another wiki page and may feature Draccy running around in Creative Mode with weird items in his inventory. 
If you want your own character in the screenshots, we're looking for replacements!

Quest Start

The Burger Quest Adventure involves running an errand for a lazy burger fan.

When the player right-clicks NPC "Burger Bob", his default Dialog pops up. Bob wants the player to go pick up a burger from McLevel's.

We are presented with one of 3 Player Responses. In this case, the player has clicked "Sure.", which as advanced the Dialog and caused the first Node, "Burger Quest" to be completed.

Burgerquest01.png Burgerquest02.png

Opening the Quest Status Screen reveals more of the Quest Tree. We can see that the next Node is not yet completed, and so the frame is grayed out.

Want Fries With That?

Now that we have something to do for Burger Bob, we're required to go to another NPC at a McLevel's location and pick up his burger. Apparently he put the order in already?

Since "Burger Quest" is completed, the Adventure will be reflected when we talk to a Cashier at a McLevel's burger joint.

Burgerquest04.png Burgerquest03.png

In this case, the player has clicked "Sure.".

The Cashier has given the player "Bobs Burger", and the "Want Fries With That?" Node is completed.

Special Delivery

If we decide to do the decent thing and bring this hungry stranger his precious burger, we'll be rewarded!

When the player returns to Burger Bob, new Dialog appears in response to the progress in the Adventure.

After the player advances through the dialog, they receive 32 XP and 10 Emeralds.

Burgerquest07.png Burgerquest05.png

This Adventure is unique in that it allows the player to start over and get Burger Bob another Burger once everything is completed.

For this player, "Special Delivery" will remain flagged as completed from now on as a trophy for completing the Adventure.

Eat Bob's Burger

There is another way to play through this Adventure, if you feel like depriving Burger Bob of his precious burg!

After receiving the "Bobs Burger" item from the Cashier, the player immediately eats it.

Trying to talk to the Cashier again reveals no dialog related to the Adventure. The dreadful deed is done!

The player now has "Eat Bob's Burger" completed in the Quest Status Screen.

Burgerquest10.png Burgerquest08.png Burgerquest09.png

Bob is not thrilled with the news. Oops!

Further Dialog progression reveals that the player has another chance.

The player clicks "Sure". The Node "Eat Bob's Burger" is reset in the Quest Status Screen.

The player can now go back to McLevel's and talk to the Cashier to try again.

This alternate path can be repeated indefinitely, and rewards 16 XP every time the player picks up another burger.

It can technically be used as a very tedious XP farm.


It's a good idea to get familiar with terminology used on our server:

A custom form of Minecraft Advancement.
Quest Status Screen
The (Advancements Screen) which pops up when the appropriate keyboard key is pressed (default is L)
Quest Node
The a single quest objective in a Quest Tree, which is linked to other neighboring Nodes
Nodes are "linked" when they share a chain of dependency (shows as white line in Quest Status screen).
Quest Tree
The series of Nodes interlinked in series, starting from the Node being used to identify the Tree ("Burger Quest" tree branches out from "Burger Quest" Node)
Since different Quest lines branch off of each other, earlier Nodes always represent larger Trees
Quest Parent
The linked Node occurring immediately previous to the Node in question, to which the Node in question is dependent.
Quest Tree Fork
Noun. The split route that occurs when more than one Node continues on from its Parent
Verb. The act of splitting into more than one possible branch from a Parent Node
Quest Root
Lowest possible Node in a Tree, also representing a specific tabbed panel in the Quest Status Screen.
The story you play out by completing a chain of Quests in a Tree.
This label includes all the dialog and events related to a Quest Tree.
The in-chat communication of NPCs when you interact with them.
Dialog Option
A Clickable "answer" which appears in-chat at the end of some sections of Dialog.
Some Dialog will present multiple choice Options, which will result in different Dialog responses.

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