Central City

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In the very center of the Overworld sits the oldest city in all of Draccyserv.

This eclectic mix of urban structures and hilly terrain is soaked in over a decade of history.


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Central Temple
Public Library
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Art Gallery
Power Plant
Phoenix River
Uptown District
Grand Central Station

Garr's House
Draccy's House


When Draccyserv first launched, a spawn area was maintained around Brickhaus, the earliest dedicate building.

The Brickhaus Compound was established as a central spawn resource space while Downtown developed some distance away.

The Downtown area was later moved much closer to the Brickhaus Compound, becoming an extension of its West face.

Eventually the two spaces were merged and Central City was established. The city continued to expand, gaining an extra large radius and many new streets.


A small underground section in the old Central Mine was regenerated when Lapis Lazuli was added to the game.

There are many defunct rail tunnels and abandoned underground structures which can be explored.

Some hand-built terrain from the September 2010 chunk corruption event remains visible.