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More than Minecraft

Draccyserv has been plagued with the same limitations that most servers struggle with: The general game is not enough to keep players engaged with the server for more than a few months. We have a history of Losing Players over time. Some hardcore fans remain, but we need more to create reliable player retention:

Player Interest

The core of the issue is boredom. Players exhaust their options and see no reason to stick around. Some drift to other servers. Some give up on the whole game.

In the normal Minecraft game, the foundation is random and unstructured. There's beautiful, fresh terrain to explore and conquer. There's monsters to fight and resources to gather. Risks and rewards strapped to a pretty world generator make for a unique experience, but what is the end goal?

It takes approximately 10 hours for a player to find enough of the essential resources to build a huge custom fortress and decorate the interior. Generally, players will find excuses to build more - new rooms for new purposes, etc. The whole mission to explore and build becomes trivialized as the player becomes so well-equipped that there is minimum risk and maximum reward. This is usually the tipping point where players get bored and quit.

Below, we pick apart the issue to tackle each problem individually:

Gameplay Problems


  • Get everything you need by digging straight down
  • One giant mine will usually provide all minerals
  • Mine out the ground, build a fortress on top


  • Rapidly becomes easy to tackle most enemies
  • Availability of resources means fast weapon upgrades

Dig Build Dig

  • Same goal every time: Get all the things, build your things
  • Players burn out on unbalanced adventure vs. creativity

Small, Scattered Biomes

  • Encourages players to wander over long distances
  • Creates the illusion of scarce resources
  • Players hog the pretty spots

Our Workarounds

Unique ore tables

  • Outer regions have mostly one type of ore, basically nothing else
  • Still can mine Central for conventional ore distribution

Massive/New Biomes

  • Each region is mostly one giant biome
  • Unique geography abounds without changing the climate
  • Custom biomes like Lavalands and Shroomlands provide something new
  • Plenty of room for everyone

New ways to play

  • Balanced economy with custom NPCs
  • Opportunities to build a business
  • Quests and RPG elements
  • PvP Stadiums for prizes, etc.

Harder overworld

  • Monsters spawn much more often
  • Bosses and dungeons to conquer

Common Issues

Play Styles

Not all players are the same:

  • Some players want to run off and build in the wilderness
  • Some players want role playing and close community crafting
  • Some players are more interested in battling monsters than building things
  • Some players don't like dealing with monsters when building

We aim to provide for all of these play styles so that people don't feel left out

Community vs Play



This section will explain how we have designed the map to have a mix of adventure-mode towns/dungeons/RPG stuff and the wilds where anyone can build (but it's dangerous)

The goal of the page will be to break down the strategy involved with providing different types of gameplay on the same map