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Before Minecraft

Given that the original conceptualization of Draccyserv started with Draccy, it's best to look at what he was doing before the game existed:

  • Since 2003, Draccy has been an active user on IRC networks.
    • His experience with chat communities helped shape the attitude that went into developing the world in Draccyserv.

  • Experience with other constructive games, such as The Sims 2 and Sauerbraten, likely influenced Draccy's interest in Minecraft.
    • Draccy had spent recent years leading up to Minecraft building custom maps in Sauerbraten that were a bit too RPGish for the FPS style game.
  • Garr had recently moved into Draccy's home, which allowed for Garr's hobbies to always be known.

Before The Map

Garr had been playing the game for a little while before it finally caught on with Draccy.

Draccy started playing Minecraft during its Indev phase. This version of the game was very different from the experience players have today. Worlds were of a limited size, with optional themes and styles to determine how the terrain would be generated. The game was so simple that for a time it could be played in the browser at (long since taken down).

During this time, long before Multiplayer had been conceived, Draccy focused on making one map particularly well developed, and had considered trying to share it with other players.

Before Multiplayer

Minecraft was not called "Alpha" until late 2010. Before this point, the new world generating system which allowed for infinite map expansion was called Infdev. The old Indev system was made obsolete, prompting Draccy to abandon his pervious maps.

The second world Draccy ever made (around June 2010) in this new system ended up being the basis for Draccyserv. The unique cliffs and valleys around the spawn area (soon to become Brickhaus) made it a great candidate for development. Roads and signs were laid out an anticipation of the anticipated Multiplayer release. The map was actually neglected for a bit while SMP figured out its bugs (like [| getting signs to work]), but when the time was right, Draccyserv opened with a map that already had infrastructure in place.