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Each year in Draccyserv history is a landmark for the life of the server during that annum.


A Slow Year


Ditching Bukkit

Region Project Mk. II

Restitch The Map


Splitting Up the Map

To supposedly reduce server load and to provide greater individual controls, the world map was split up into 9 regions similar to what are in use today. This was, however, facilitated through the Multiverse Plugin, meaning each region was actually its own separate map. The layout itself did not change much at this time. Plans to make these regions more unique would happen later in the year.

Region Project Mk. I

Near the end of 2013, a decision was made to fundamentally change the way the game worked on Draccyserv. The core of this plan involved introducing huge, sprawling biomes in each of the recently separated map regions, as well as altered ore tables, central towns, and most of the features we experience today. This was the first attempt at this project, and impending troubles in 2014 would render this project a failure.



As players got bored with the game itself and wandered off, it became apparent that the abandoned homes would be a problem. The Ruinification Policy was initiated in 2012, and many player structures (as well as a few outdated Admin creations) were converted into ruins for the first time.

First Plugin Problems

Issues with a few early Bukkit plugins lead to the loss of some features. Early on, Draccy and Admins had grabbed a huge collection of neat plugins that made the server do all kinds of tricks. As maintainers lost interest in their projects, some plugins failed to update as new versions of Minecraft/Bukkit came out. These features were lost and sometimes replaced by other plugins.

Economy Weirdness

With the advent of economy plugins, Draccyserv struggled to adopt shopkeeping, banking and other commerce-centered features. These were well suited to an RPG server, but with resources easy to obtain, there were not many enthusiasts. Since emeralds were not yet part of the game, the first system used gold ingots as the primary unit of currency.

Downtown was a huge "main street" like area that was created as a space for players to build their shops and offer items for sale. Previous attempts with Boardwalk and Uptown had failed. With better economy plugins and structure, Downtown saw limited success. Much of the player interest was determined to be about building a commercial style structure, and not so much about actually using it.

Prior to these efforts, Draccyserv had been a largely communal space, with chests full of free resources at Brickhaus that players could take from or add to at their leisure. Trying to shoehorn in an economy at this point was mostly "because we can" and not "because we should".


Map Direction Controversy

When Draccy first set up the map, he noticed that the player spawned facing a certain direction. He decided that this must be "North" without really considering the visible movement of the sun. Many players pointed out that the sun was actually rising from this direction, arguing that it should be the East (of course). This marked one of the first tedious tasks of server maintenance, as by now many roads had been named by the cardinal/ordinal directions, and all of them had to be changed.
By Autumn of 2011, Mojang had announced that the sun was, in fact, rising in the North and setting in the West. An update in October fixed the sun (changing to East/West movement), and all the signs in Draccyserv had to be changed for a second time.

Brickhaus Compound

This era introduced the official name for the area around Brickhaus that would be used for several years following. The "Brickhaus Compound" was an enclosed area around Brickhaus designed to be relatively safe from monsters. This was the spawn area of the map, so naturally it made sense to give it special treatment. Brickhaus became more and more of an icon on the server, being the first real structure to exist and the centerpoint for player spawning.

Art Center

The Art Center was created after a player tried to build a giant dirt statue right near Brickhaus. Overly creative players were encouraged to move their artwork to a specified area where people could appreciate it all at once, rather than cluttering the world with a hodgepodge of sculptures, sprite art and enormous gold penises.

Bukkit Begins

Not far into 2011, Bukkit took over for hMod, creating access to many plugins that provided features like extra warps, minecart controls, and so on. From the earliest days, Draccyserv depended on server mods to make features possible - to enrich the player experience.

Minecraft Golden Age

2011 was possibly the best year for Minecraft in terms of player interest. The game was new and just entering into the realm of popularity. Since the game was a new experience for so many people, Draccyserv enjoyed an eagerness and carefree attitude from its players. There was no real way to tell if players were getting their fun from the server or just the game itself, but for a while it didn't matter to anyone.



This marked the founding year of Draccyserv. In June of 2010, the map was being developed. The server launched officially in August.
Learn more about the Founding of Draccyserv Here.

The distinctive cliffs and valleys surrounding Central City (then known only as Brickhaus) were

First Corruption

The first corruption on Draccyserv occurred before multiplayer was released. A game crash (common back in the days of Infdev), caused the first map seed to be lost. The most significant damage was evident at a fully obsidian fortress that Draccy had been building. Unfortunately, though the process had taken hours of work with diamond picks and lava buckets, a single chunk was converted to ocean and took out most of the building. It is now the Corruption Monument.

Wooden Brickhaus

Bricks were not available as a craftable item in the game late July of 2010. The building that became Brickhaus started out as a wooden structure in June of 2010, until Draccy hacked some brick blocks into his inventory and rebuilt it some time in early July.

September Meltdown

The server had become pretty active by mid September. The game was still very unstable, and a crash in the latter half of the month caused a massive line of corrupted chunks to carve right through the Brickhaus Compound. No decent backups existed, and rolling back just wasn't an option.
A collection of volunteers teamed up to rebuild the terrain by hand. This predated the availability of hMod's world editing components, but it was at least possible to use /give to obtain the needed materials. A monument was erected on the newly reconstructed hill behind Brickhaus honoring the volunteers.