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How to use this Wiki

What is a wiki?

For our purposes, a wiki is an organized public reference used to document things. We're using it mostly to document server stuff.

On this part of the website, you're using a self-contained system of editable pages that allow you to create and modify content. This is excellent for collaborative documentation of things like a giant minecraft server with years of history and unique geology. :3

Wikis are designed to be easy to use. Once you get the hang of it, we hope you'll become one of our beloved historians. Server historians contribute to and maintain the documentation for Draccyserv so that players can easily learn about the server, its history, geography and so-on.

Getting Started

In order to edit anything on the wiki, you must first create an account. In the top right, click "create account" and fill out the information requested. From there you will be able to start making pages and adding content!

How to edit, etc

Check out this youtube video for the time being. It's the best we could find in a hurry.