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Temporary Intro

2019 Update: This wiki is largely abandoned, but has enough material to be reused later. Please contact us on Discord for more up-to-date information.

This is the wiki where Draccyserv will have its documentation.

For now we're mostly focused on planning and organization. There's years of history and miles of map to manage, and to handle it all we need structure! :3

If you haven't edited a wiki before, check out How to use the wiki for a quick introduction.


Recently this wiki was bombarded with a spam attack that injected thousands of unlisted pages. We have since corrected the problem and will be periodically monitoring the changelogs for more attacks.

132,592 hidden spam pages were deleted. 107,423 fake users were deleted from the database.

UPDATE: Caught 3 unauthorized edits from April 27th, 2017. All related accounts deleted.

UPDATE 2: In June 2017 we're still having this problem. Working on spam controls...

If your account was wrongly removed, please contact Draccy or another SysAdmin on IRC.




Our Mission

Special Features

(What things about Draccyserv stand out?)

To Do List

Planned changes and improvements to the server go on the Server To Do List. Planned changes and improvements to the wiki itself go on the Wiki To Do List.