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The Draccyserv map has changed a lot since its first rendering in 2010. This is despite our policy of always keeping the same core map (around Central City), which still has not changed since its initial rendering. The purpose of this section is to explain the reason behind each map change.

2015 Region Project Mk. II

Near the end of 2014, after Draccyserv began to recover from the Bukkit Crash of 2014 with 1.8 Vanilla features and a few players came back to the nearly-dead world, new plans were laid to have biome-centric regions again, this time on the same map. New 1.8 map generation features were exploited to instruct the game to render only one type of biome in the selected chunks, with the desired ore distribution that would be unique to that region. This time, no player structures would be kept. The areas were completely virgin terrain. Most towns were rebuilt, though Alpine Village, Ski Resort, and Brimstone City were imported from the old separated region maps as they were too developed to abandon. This is why they don't quite fit in the terrain in some spots.

2013-2014 Region Project Mk. I

The idea to convert areas of existing terrain into regions become more established in early 2014. The original plan was to use WorldEdit and other such plugins to create artificial imitations of biomes, such as desert, mountains, swamp and jungle. It took several months of manual work to generate the faux terrain, followed by modifications to the biome data using MCEdit (an external editor). Player homes were MOSTLY retained, though some regions were flooded with water or lava which buried those homes. Shortly after this, Towns began to be developed at the center of each new Region.
One of the last big changes in 2014 was a modification of the ore tables under the newly re-terraformed regions. These reduced all ore blocks to mostly a specific single type underground.
This was soon followed by the Bukkit Crash of 2014 which made the modified areas inaccessible (no Multiverse plugin).

2012-2013 Map Split-up

Near the end of 2012, the now very large map was believed to present a problem for server load (not actually true). With the concept of regions not yet explored, a plan came together to segment the map into 9 areas which would then be linked at the edges using Multiverse to connect them via portals. The actual sections of map were unaltered, so player structures were in predictable places in these new sections. These were not the regions with unique biomes that would be realized in the future. They were simply the main Overworld map broken up into pieces.

2012 Central Mine Reboot

The area directly below Brickhaus was very old and lacked both Lapis and Redstone ore. A decision was made to use MCEdit (an external editor) to regenerate a selection of underground terrain. The result erased much of the original Central Mine but allowed for new ores to be mined near the spawnpoint of the server for the first time since Draccyserv's creation.
Unfortunately, this did not succeed in giving players a good enough reason to stay near spawn while mining.

2011 Regen

By 2011, players were missing out on Lapis, Redstone and Clay, as well as geographical features that didn't exist in the already generated sections of the map. Consequently, the Northwest section of what is now the Central region was chosen to be deleted and allowed to re-render in order to get these new resources. The area had little to no development beyond random exploration, so nothing was lost in the regen.

2010 Crashes

Famous crashes like the first corruption and the September Meltdown were the product of game crashes from the unstable Infdev engine. Each time the game crashed, the map seed was reset and new chunks were rendered in a pattern that did not mesh with existing chunks. This is chiefly why the Central region is oddly shaped with many sheer lines cutting across rows of chunks.


Most changes were preceded by a backing up of the map data in case a player potentially lost a lot of work from the change. If you know your work from years ago was affected by one of these changes, we might be able to recover it!