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About Us

Draccyserv is a Minecraft server built for (and by) furries.

The in-game world is designed to provide for the needs and desires of our players. We offer a structured but open environment where the game can be enjoyed with the company of furs. Our server is strongly community-driven, with an emphasis on in-game chat and creative collaboration.

Primary Goals

  • Present a safe and inviting space where furries can play Minecraft
  • Encourage collaborative building and group projects
  • Continuously develop the complex community that drives the server
  • Allow for different play styles (casual, role playing, hardcore, adventuring) on the same map
  • Add new and exciting mechanics to the game without the use of Mods

Looking Back

From its earliest conception in 2011, Draccyserv has been designed with structure in mind. Roads and public structures were the earliest examples of a foundation built on civics. Prior to the release of SMP, the map was being developed by hand using signs for guideposts. Launch of the server was actually delayed until signs worked correctly in multiplayer!

Over time we have developed the core concept into identifiable regions, routes and towns that can be mapped out as with conventional game worlds.

We have always chosen to keep the original heart of Draccyserv intact. We have never regenerated the entire map.

Through trial and error, we have learned how to create a world and a community that suits many types of players without becoming less accessible to anyone.

As time goes on, we continue to strive for a working economy, balanced world mechanics, and most importantly: more reasons to play!

More than Minecraft

A great deal of our work on the server is centered around bringing new and refreshing features to the game. Our attitude is that the regular (vanilla) game is not enough to keep a multiplayer server engaged. We are constantly experimenting with new ways to play through the use of command blocks and world design.

Since 2014, we have endeavored to avoid server mods and run on the vanilla game engine. This decision was encouraged by the availability of increasingly flexible command blocks. The redevelopment of the server is an ongoing project, but we hope to reinstate most of our older features as well as many new ones.