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Moderators are tasked with monitoring and supporting the server enviornment.

Called "Mods" for short, these folks act as the eyes and ears of the server staff, looking after players and keeping an eye out for any problems.


  • Mediate over conflicts and disputes between players
  • Uphold the server rules, make sure everyone behaves
  • Kick misbehaving players (pending feature)
  • Maintain public structures where possible
  • Defend other players from monsters (in emergencies)
  • Look for hazards and bugs, report and fix if possible
  • Find and report abandoned structures on the map

Extra Abilities

Moderators enjoy some extra features as perks for their service:

  • Access to special teleporter rooms
  • Special weapons and armor (non-standard enchants)
  • Able to build inside towns/dungeons
  • Free supplies for certain essentials

List of Mods