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Many features have come and gone on Draccyserv. Any surviving instances of the items described here are now only non-functional relics and are not maintained or intended as available features. Draccyserv is a place heavy with nostalgia for its earlier incarnations, so typically one can expect to find surviving "ruins" of old features that are deliberately left in for curiosity's sake.

Warp Pads+Booths

From 2011 through 2013, /warp commands existed as part of a Hmod/Bukkit feature.

The destination of a /warp was typically decorated with some sort of interesting arrival point. Originally, 3x3 "pads" with glass and gold decoration were used. The earliest incarnation featured lava beneath glass, but server lag would sometimes cause a player to catch fire on arrival. The design was updated with the introduction of glowstone and Lapis as those materials became available.

Warp Booths

Warp Buttons

Time Booths

In 2013, a "Time Booth" was used to bring players to older versions of the map. These were largely neglected in 2014 as we moved away from Bukkit, since they had required a Bukkit plugin to function.
The concept has now been revisited in the form of vanilla-friendly "Time Warps", which are a bit larger to accommodate the required pressure plate mechanism.

Express Rail

Early railways on Draccyserv were random and disorganized, with no straight routes between any area. An underground tunnel made of Lapis blocks and run at high speeds was created to link four corners of the map together (along the 1,000 line of the X and Z coordinates).

The Express line never saw much use, as few stations for it were ever built, and so its memory is only a matter of history and archeology (some of the 4KM long tunnel still exists).

Old Railways


These small stations were positioned along the major roads of the server in 2011 to provide convenient access to furnaces and crafting tables (and to discourage players from plopping more down in random spots). A chest was stuck between the furnace and table with no apparent purpose other than as a place to stick stuff for public access.

In 2013, some Handi-Stations were

While many Handi-Stations still exist and are functional, they are not being maintained.

Mining Station

Before the server went online, Draccy had pioneered a small, organized mine he dubbed "South Mine" (it was slightly South of Brickhaus) and later "Central Mine". Throughout the area, stations similar to the Handi-Station design were created with unique names and ID numbers to help players get their bearings. They were basically never used, but some relics still exist in the now preserved "Central Mine" beneath Central City.

Creative Map

Nicknamed "chocolate" for how it contrasts with the Vanilla version of the game, this map was a feature included via the Multiverse Bukkit Plugin