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Coming Soon: A description of the different major roads, rails and other means of organized transporation that lead between regions.


Before+After Regen

Before the regen of outer regions in 2014, most official/major roads (particularly north/south/east/west) extended fully between the towns at the center of each region.

When these regions were regenerated, the original roads were wiped out. Consequently, as of June 2016 most roads in Central do not extend past the borders of Central.


There used to be a well designed railway system in use on the Overworld. There were 9 coloured railway lines that connected each region's capital city at their railway stations. A player would visit the station and with the simple press of a button, could summon a minecart train that would automatically stop at each station for a few seconds before moving on again. Using command blocks, if a minecart train reached a certain point without a passenger, it would automatically disappear thus keeping the use of memory and the lag to a minimum.

Some of the old railways can still be found in the wild, but are not currently in use as they once were.