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This section describes Draccyserv's complex relationship with server mods. For information about Client mods (such as Tekkit, FeedTheBeast, etc.) please look Here.

Vanilla Compatibility

Draccyserv is a largely mod-free server. 98% of our working features are based off of command block and other such sorcery as opposed to server plugins. This way, no matter what happens, our server will always work with the latest version of Minecraft. We always want the server to be friendly and accessible, which means not forcing players to mess with their client settings just to be able to connect.
Draccyserv ran completely without mods successfully between 2014 and 2015. Presently it uses Spigot for some small features when possible.

Maintainer Reliability

When we depend on server mods, we are also depending on the maintainers of those mods. From the individual plugins to the actual modding APIs (like Bukkit), we depend on other people to keep updating their work to stay compatible with the latest Minecraft games. Unfortunately, as months go by, some maintainers lose interest or turn against a project. When this happens they either let it stagnate or outright sabotage the work (as was the case in 2014).

Since using their mods would require us to have utter reliance on these unpredictable people, the Admins of Draccyserv have chosen to avoid using plugins for mod APIs wherever possible. After getting burned a dozen or so times by plugins and platforms alike, we just can't trust the maintainers.


This is a fork of Spigot designed to make the server modding API as lightweight as possible while keeping it very compatible with the Vanilla Minecraft server, meaning things like command block arrays (for entity tracking in particular) are more likely to work as expected in Paper.


This is a fork of Bukkit that came about 3 months after the Bukkit crash of 2014. The two-man project started as a mostly identical clone of the Bukkit system without the copyright-affected code. The team has been adapting the Bukkit API to work with Minecraft versions all the way through MC 1.10, so far ensuring that even years-old Bukkit plugins will sometimes work with the platform.

Spigot uses the Bukkit API, and is compatible with many Bukkit plugins that are not specifically made for Spigot.


This was the first organized modding API, and virtually all Minecraft servers used CraftBukkit (the executable part of the mod system). It was used for years on Draccyserv and during that time we enjoyed many plugins and features that were not expected to stop working.

Early Days

The code was loosely based on hMod, but with a dedicated team to maintain and update the software as Minecraft (still in Alpha) evolved over time. Like hMod, it did not require any changes to the players' clients, meaning anyone could connect to Draccyserv and enjoy the added features.

First Broken Plugins

Draccyserv used the plugins to create features that made the game fun and engaging simply by having fresh content. The game was changing a lot back in 2011-2012, and Bukkit frequently became incompatible with Minecraft until an update was pushed out. As Minecraft approached the end of its Beta period, Bukkit had to change its own API to stay compatible.

The result was the loss of plugins whose maintainers got fed up with having to redo their work. Plugins broke, and no fixes became available. Admins on Draccyserv struggled to keep things working as features suddenly stopped existing and new versions of those features had to be patched in (new ways to teleport, new ways to manipulate minecarts, etc.)


The added features to Minecraft became standard on many servers. Players new to the game expected to find extra features like teleporting and joining teams well before these ideas would become part of the real game. In a way, we all became spoiled by the extra features, demanding them in their absence. The Vanilla game couldn't be fun anymore. Some features became so standardized across servers that plugins for the Bukkit API were assembled with the "Essentials". It became impossible to find a server that wasn't using the Essentials plugins because they were so expected.

2014 Crash

The rug got pulled out from everyone in 2014 around the advent of Minecraft version 1.8. (more info coming soon)


This was a very early mod for Minecraft that was available as early as 2010. It gave players and Operators access to special commands and tools which allowed for better terrain editing, teleports/warps, etc.
The trouble was, it was all done by one guy and he was getting sick of all the hard work. Fortunately, Bukkit was right around the corner.
Early plugins started out as addons for hMod. Draccyserv used hMod to set up the first warps and build the first big structures.

Plugin List

In Use

When a Bukkit-compatible Mod API is available (such as Paper), we usually include these few plugins for added convenience:

  • Dynmap: Allows for dynamic, real-time mapping of the Overworld that shows you where players and places of interest can be found on the map.
  • PurpleIRC: A plugin to support our IRC bot while using the Bukkit API.


As we are now a vanilla-compatible server, we have removed all plugins which are better left to vanilla-centric mechanisms if possible. Some plugins cannot be replicated, but depending on them would mean risking the loss of server functionality should a Bukkit-compatible API cease to be available:

  • Minecart Mania: Enabled dynamic Minecart control way before powered rails were a thing. Allowed for complex intersections that are still impossible today.
    • Trivia: Draccy once contributed to the development of this plugin with a suggestion to the maintainer!
  • Multiverse: Allowed the world to be split into many separate maps, which could be layered onto each other like Dimensions or linked side by side via portals.