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System Administrators (SysAdmins) are the folks who make the server computer run, keep everything online, and fight bugs!

If the server goes down, these are the people you contact!


  • Maintain server machine uptime
  • Handle upgrades and changes to server programs
  • Upkeep and management of website
  • Management of server file backups
  • Manipulate the player whitelist and database
  • Debug BuffleBot
  • Administrate this wiki!

Special Access

SysAdmins are given exclusive access to SSH and FTP resources. This allows them to manipulate the server through the Linux command line and modify files that make up the programs and website.

It requires a great deal of technical skill and experience to properly manage these materials - the most sensitive and essential components, without which there would be no Draccyserv! Because of this, managing the core system is a serious responsibility entrusted to only a select few.

List of SysAdmins