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Buffalo administers the northern region, land of ice and snow, spruce and birch, and GOLD!

Her original build still stands in the eastern part of Central region, just north of the East Road. About 500 meters out from Central City on the East Road, are public farms. These she maintains so that crops, animals, and trees can be harvested on a use-and-replant (or feed and breed) basis. Her original, main build is beyond that, with "Mini biomes" to the north enclosed by glowstone arches in glass walls and intended for exploration and adventuring.

Even further out and near the edge of the Central region are themed villages, Japanland and Wild West, with buildings built by others as well as herself.


Buffallo, or Buffalo, is the avatar of a retired scientist. She currently lives in Montana where

she minecrafts, quilts, plays sudoku, geocaches, volunteers at a thrift store, plays in a handbell choir, and enjoys gluten

free baking. Other jobs have been in sales, industrial sewing for sailboats, and as a psychic.


  • The username "Buffalo" was already taken, so Buff added an extra "l" to keep it similar to her IRC name.
  • Has been active on the server since the end of October of the year it went multiplayer (2010).


  • Buffalo
  • Buffaluff
  • Buff
  • Lou (like "lo")
  • Luffabo



  • Primarily acts as support for creative design and player assistance
  • Generally refers to other Admins for command block stuff
  • Writes lots of books for server lore!