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About Draccyserv

This is a decade old Minecraft server that has seen many iterations and revisions over the years.

Efforts have been made to preserve a central area of the original map, while other areas have been customized to create unique world experiences.

Since 2018, we have been endeavoring to rebuild parts of the server to function as a playable RPG with anthropomorphic characters.

Many players have come and gone. Some who have stayed around have been here since the earliest days.

Temporary Intro

2020 Update: This wiki is undergoing some major revisions.

Older pages need updating as our objectives have changed a bit since 2017. 
We are looking for volunteer editors interested in documenting the Draccyserv RPG as it evolves.

If you haven't edited a wiki before, check out How to use the wiki for a quick introduction.

Getting Started

How To play

New Stuff


Burger Quest (Quest Tutorial)


Central City


Everything that has been updated from the old stuff: (nothing yet!)

2017 Pages

Everything from an older version of Draccyserv, waiting to be updated:




Our Mission

Special Features

To Do List

Planned changes and improvements to the server go on the Server To Do List. Planned changes and improvements to the wiki itself go on the Wiki To Do List.