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Draccyserv is an effort to use a very old Minecraft server map as the foundation for a Furry-centric RPG with anthropomorphic NPCs, quests, dungeons, and many unique items/blocks.

Some of our team has been working on the server since the beginning. Our mission is to create a fun world where players participate in adventure stories to unlock new materials and abilities, all within the confines of the vanilla MC engine!

You need Minecraft: Java Edition (latest) to play on Draccyserv.

If you'd like to learn more, join our discord server and say hi!


Our system takes advantage of ResourcePack and DataPack utilities to reshape large parts of the vanilla Minecraft game.

Players interact with NPCs and game areas to progress through RPG quests. This unlocks new crafting recipes and abilities.

An EXP system tracks how much you use certain skills in-game, allowing you to spend exp points on upgrading your skills.

(wip) An in-game menu can be called up to level-up skills, teleport, etc. Its application is potentially limitless.

The map is customized with 9+ unique regional biomes. Some areas have lethal weather which requires special equipment to survive.

The spaces inside RPG-specific areas (towns, waypoints, dungeons) are not buildable. Players are automatically switched between adventure and survival mode as they travel in and out of these specialized areas.

Ore/raw material distribution is split up across regions. Diamond as a crafting material has been dramatically nerfed.

(wip) Enchanting has been reworked as a system of buyable upgrade modeules (no more random enchants!).

(wip) There are new blocks and crafting materials, and many crafting recipes have been rewritten.

(wip) Loot tables are completely rewritten, including what drops when blocks are mined.

(wip) Some mob designs have been reworked. A custom spawn table system changes how mobs are encountered.

We have working power armor that can be crafted by players using high-tier materials (late-game).

Mob griefing is disabled, as well as fire spread. Inventory is kept when players respawn.

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Mechanics | Cosmetics | How To Help | Discord Server | History


Draccyserv comes packaged with a ResourcePack (models+textures) that is required for the world to be playable.

NPCs have anthropomorphic heads ranging across a dozen species, some of which are emphasized regionally.

Many blocks have been redesigned to match the new context in which they are experienced in-game

(wip) NPC outfits have been customized to allow for a wide range of roles and presentation (biome outfits are removed).

Concepts like alchemy and magitech play into how certain items and blocks are crafted. Redstone components end up having a brass-heavy aesthetic which translates into certain items like Power Armor as a central component.

Custom posters are implemented using hacked maps. Players are welcome to submit new graphics to add with Admin approval.

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How To Help

We are currently looking for new volunteers to join our development team! Anyone is welcome to join our project and take on one or more roles described here:

BUILDERS are needed to design parts of cities, dungeons, interiors and creative projects!

SCRIPTERS are needed to set up NPCs, dungeon mechanics, exp systems and invent new stuff!

ARTISTS are needed to create the pixels that decorate our world and characters!

WRITERS are needed to create lore and tell stories using the setpieces of our world!

TESTERS are needed to run around the unfinished map trying to break stuff! :3

There's plenty to do, and the more help we get, the faster we can move on from the Alpha stage of our RPG development.

If you'd like to help, join our discord server and say hi!

Discord Server

Our discord server is linked to in-game chat.

Click THIS LINK to join our Discord Server.

That link may occasionally expire, as is typical with server links. We'll try to keep it updated.

Quick Links:
Mechanics | Cosmetics | How To Help | Discord Server | History


Draccyserv started in September of 2010 as a simple multiplayer survival Minecraft server for friends in the furry community.

For several years, various Bukkit server mod plugins were used to try and add more functionality to the vanilla game. As the game updated, plugins would frequently break, sometimes indefinitely, forcing us to constantly change what features were avaialble. When Bukkit started to break down, we tried adopting the new command block system and designed new mechanisms to compensate for the loss of bukkit-style addons. This was laggy at the start, but revisions of the game over the following years allowed for replacement of many older mechanics.

Our mission became one of maximum compatibility for players with just the vanilla game client who updated normally.

By the time minecraft scripts came about, we were able to adapt our old command blocks to the new system with significant performance improvements. Combined with the recent addition of custom models in resource packs, we started to recontextualize vanilla game assets and stylize the server to better cater to adventure-loving visitors. Java Edition Minecraft as a whole had lost its popularity by this point, and so the server became a quieter place.

The focus moved to an RPG with anthro characters, building a game within the vanilla Minecraft engine. New features introduced by version 1.12 allowed us to rewrite how many objects in the game functioned. The following years would see the development of custom game mechanics, NPCs and quest systems that would power the RPG concept.

While changes in 1.13 dramatically expanded what was possible with the engine, game performance took a serious hit and the server became unplayable for some old fans. Features that had previously existed were disabled and rewritten to try and soften the impact of the new performance problems. Unfortunately, 1.14 only made Java Edition even more unplayable on aging hardware, pushing out some of our most dedicated volunteers.

The rapid development of Minecraft Java Edition v1.15 gave us a preview of a new engine. This new version seemed to run as well as the old 1.12 version, but with incredible new tools that would allow us to completely remake much of the vanilla game. Now that it has been released, we can finally get back to building our RPG.

Bedrock Edition

There is hope to adopt Minecraft Bedrock Edition in some capacity eventually. The popular version of Minecraft running on game consoles and Windows 10 PCs is exploited by Microsoft with in-app purchases, but the game engine is far superior and runs well on virtually any modern hardware. We will never compromise on game experience, so there will be no full transition to Bedrock Edition unless every single feature of our present server can be ported over.