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<Draccy> I'll get around to it.10/13/2016

Messing with the Map

When Draccy first designed the modified ore distribution, it was based on a flawed theory that forcing players to travel for resources would help prevent camping in one spot. With this goal in mind, the map was remade with ores more or less exclusive to one of the 9 map regions.

It went over like a lead balloon. Players who were affected had nothing good to say about this move. Those who weren't affected didn't care. Sooo...
We're going to take updated map seeds and regenerate parts of each (outer) region. Each time we will use a map editor to delete the uninhabited chunks from one region, load the seed for that region, fly around in creative until it's fully rendered, then do it all over again for the next one.

The new seeds will include a little of every ore, with a strong emphasis on the regionally dominant ore. You'll find coal in the desert, gold in the lavalands, and anything at all in the forest/swamp.

While we're working on all this, a temporary map will be loaded onto the server with full creative mode for everyone. Have fun!

Nice and Quiet

You might have noticed that the big updates that were promised a couple months ago didn't happen. A part of the hesitation was on Draccy's part. Some players were in the middle of big projects that we didn't want to interrupt.

Our lack of action has caused the server players to dwindle to a safe minimum. This is the ideal time to start messing with the map. It is our hope that providing a well-structured space will encourage past players to return.

<Draccy> Whoops! 07/08/2016

Back After Downtime

Some issues with our ISP, combined with real life complications on Draccy's part lead to some downtime for the server. Our IP address changed without the DNS being updated, so "" temporarily lost connection to the server itself. We're back now! You can play again. :3

Wiki Overhaul

Draccy, with a lot of help from Greystone, has been adding lots of new content to the wiki. If the button in the navigation isn't working, add /swik to this URL to find the real wiki location.

We've been having some trouble with spam in the wiki lately. For this reason we have made it difficult to find. A new redirect page is planned for implementation soon, which should confuse the spam bots. Please report any spam you find to an Admin on the server (or on IRC).

Greystone is Back!

Our long lost master builder has returned, just in time to enjoy the new warp pipe leading to his home. Greystone's place is becoming more of a public feature. Check out the impressive survival-mode constructs in the Southwest are of the Central region.

<Draccy> MORE INTERESTING! 06/06/2016

Regional Monsters

Every region now has its own unique enemy mob. For each area, we have a spawner or some other means of generating customized mobs that introduce new challenges. These mobs are more dangerous than regular monsters, and they drop better loot as well. Players are welcome to try to stop the spawning mechanisms if they so desire, in order to make an area safer.

Custom Loot Tables!

We're experimenting with new loot tables for mobs. Regular drops are less frequent from enemy mobs, and all enemy mobs drop emeralds. There's also a much higher chance to drop a head, even for mobs that didn't normally have a head drop (like Endermen)!

RPG Lore and NPCs coming

With most of the game mechanics in place, we're turning our focus to developing the lore and NPCs on the server. Towns will get more and more cultural backstory which will be reinforced by NPCs. We're open to suggestions, since it's a tall order to come up with all these stories!

<Draccy> IT IS DONE. 05/17/2016

Worldguard Based Lots

As mentioned in earlier news, the buyable lot system had to be adapted to use sk89q's WorldGuard for redundancy. This conversion project is now complete, with easy fallback mechanisms in case plugins die suddenly.

All other features are being designed with vanilla in mind, so that no matter what, Draccyserv's features will always work!

Creating Dangerous New Mobs

As part of our plan to make the game more challenging, we're adding spawners for unique mobs in each region. In The Wilds (any place that isn't a town), new monsters will appear, such as Chicken Jockeys in Central, Ghasts in the South, and Giants in the Northeast.

More information can be found in the wiki.