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<Draccy> Didn't get around to it.12/01/2016

Back to the regular map!

Well, Draccy got extra busy with life right after trying to set up the map for modifications. The result was a long period where Draccyserv sat on a creative map and nothing else really happened. Eventually we decided to just put the map back up the way it was. Ores are exactly the same for now. We might try to change the map again later. Stay tuned!

Everything is broken!

Well, not everything, but a lot of stuff broke as a result of changes in 1.11. Most entities were renamed, whch means anything that depended on entities (like ARMOR STANDS) is now broken. This includes Warp Pipes, which use armor stands as part of their structure. Warp Pipes and several vanilla-dependent features are down right now. Town properties are set up with a Bukkit plugin for now, so they should be fine.

Dracpack Updates Pending

We were expecting bigger problems with the Dracpack, but it looks like only a couple textures are broken. Please report any issues you find with textures or models so Draccy can fix them in the next update!

<Draccy> I'll get around to it.10/13/2016

Messing with the Map

When Draccy first designed the modified ore distribution, it was based on a flawed theory that forcing players to travel for resources would help prevent camping in one spot. With this goal in mind, the map was remade with ores more or less exclusive to one of the 9 map regions.

It went over like a lead balloon. Players who were affected had nothing good to say about this move. Those who weren't affected didn't care. Sooo...
We're going to take updated map seeds and regenerate parts of each (outer) region. Each time we will use a map editor to delete the uninhabited chunks from one region, load the seed for that region, fly around in creative until it's fully rendered, then do it all over again for the next one.

The new seeds will include a little of every ore, with a strong emphasis on the regionally dominant ore. You'll find coal in the desert, gold in the lavalands, and anything at all in the forest/swamp.

While we're working on all this, a temporary map will be loaded onto the server with full creative mode for everyone. Have fun!

Nice and Quiet

You might have noticed that the big updates that were promised a couple months ago didn't happen. A part of the hesitation was on Draccy's part. Some players were in the middle of big projects that we didn't want to interrupt.

Our lack of action has caused the server players to dwindle to a safe minimum. This is the ideal time to start messing with the map. It is our hope that providing a well-structured space will encourage past players to return.