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The Server is offline!

<Draccy> oops2022-06-13


Greetings to Arthurirop, Jeofs, Annaved, PilmeWeta and Der. We see you!

Please connect to the Discord if you want to get organized with our projects.

We've seen some attempted sign-ups using the somewhat broken registration system. Please be advised that this whitelisting mechanism hasn't worked for some time now. We are removing the button for the time being.

*cough cough*

Bit dusty in here...
Anyway, hi! We parked the RPG project for a while to wait and see how Mojang and the modding community would get along. Since there's already Spigot for 1.19, we can break out the mod tools again and work a bit more efficiently. We will still try to keep core functionality vanilla-based in case of random plugin development snags.

Now that the map is back online, we're taking a drastic approach to refreshing the world, and only Central City will survive the process. All old map materials will be retired and made available through Time Machine mechanisms as needed. We'll post more about this development if there is renewed interest on the Discord server.

Chillserv and Modded

We continue to host a chill pure-vanilla (keep-inventory) and a rolling mod experience (packs change over time). For immediate satisfaction with the Draccyserv crowd, these are the playable maps.

We also are experimenting with other group-friendly games like Terraria.

As always, this is a server for furries and furry-friendly comrades. We're here to be safe for each other and have fun.

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<Draccy> ohai2021-01-05

Surviving 2020

Whoops. It's been a lot longer than we realized since the last news update. Let's get catch up...

Discord Server

We have a discord server that's sort of the hub for development and discussion for our experimental furry-themed RPG. You can get to it via this link for now.

Not Yet Playable

Draccyserv is not currently a playable game/map. The project is ongoing, with efforts made to expand a playable adventure game with quests and skill mechanics. At the moment, only early prototype quests are available. See the to-do list at the end of this article for our to-do list.

Map Refresh

Recently we took steps to cut down the Overworld map. It is now a 2048x2048 area and contains only the Central region. The centermost chunks have been wiped and repopulated with a backup of their blocks. This was done to counteract some map corruption that has haunted our earliest chunks for several years. FPS and TPS have significantly improved in Central City as a result. This has temporarily removed all entities from the map, but we are actively restoring them.


A new feature (most readily implemented in 1.17) will allow us to load as many separate maps as we need, which brings us back to a server design not seen since 2013. Each map will contain its own small world, with unique biomes and a centermost city. We plan to expand the warp pipe system to facilitate teleporting between worlds.

Beta To-do List

Here's a quick rundown of our next steps:
1. Establish shops that sell a variety of useful blocks and items (scripts)
2. More minigames and ways to make money (scripts)
3. Custom mob spawning and loot tables (datapack)
4. Recipe quests for common items (scripts, datapack)
5. 2-path Quest tree to reach Central dungeon (scripts)
6. Clean up Central region biomes, custom biomes (datapack)
7. Dungeon moved to separate dimension (datapack)

<Draccy> OMG2020-03-04

New Hardware

Until today, Draccyserv's hardware hadn't seen a significant upgrade since the server first launched in 2010. The new system features a Ryzen series CPU and NVMe SSD, which has dramatically improved performance.
These clunky vanilla function scripts are still sluggish, but we're no longer at risk of crashing the server as we push Mojang's system to its limits for the sake of the RPG experience.

Newer Toys

The previously mentioned Dialog system has been substantially expanded. In addition to a complex set of new mechanisms that can be added to NPC dialog interactions, there are multiple dialog trees which are triggered by a player's progress through the quest system.

The components which are required to assemble a proper RPG are finally coming together, and we can now focus on development of the story.

<Draccy> It's Alive!2020-01-24

New Toys

We have created a new NPC Dialog Creation Tool which will allow admins to create custom NPC chat dialog on the fly. This web tool connects directly to the live server and automatically creates the scripts that make the NPCs talk!

With this tool we hope to make NPC creation much faster, allowing for Writers to jump in and create stories without any technical obstacles.

<Draccy> Back On Track2019-12-23

1.15 Runs Great

Draccyserv is now running 1.15.1, with most function scripts and models already working correctly.
There are definitely some bugs with the resourcepack, and a few scripts might need some subtle tweaks.
The new update has the server running more like it did in the 1.12 days, which should allow for more simultaneous players before we have to think about upgrading our hardware.
Unfortunately it looks like our high-speed rails will not work with the new chunk loading engine. When carts teleport into an unloaded chunk, they enter a limbo state that traps the players. We will try submitting a bug support in hope of a future update resolving the problem.

Custom Models and More

From a cosmetic perspective, Deaccyserv is about to become much more content rich.
We are implementing the custom model system first released in MC:JE 1.14, which allows for any item to display a custom model.
With this mechanism, we can set up custom models in many places, not just as in-hand items but as large in-game objects. Check out screenshots (wip) for some recent examples.
We continue to explore resourcepack tricks and custom map items to create other display tricks. Look for grafitti and other 2D graphics around Central City!

Quick Bug List

* Rails run at normal minecart speeds for the time being.
* Conveyor belts are disabled pending a performance workaround.
* Warp pipes are still broken.
* Regular crafting recipes and advancements are enabled.
* Custom crafting recipes and advancements are broken.
* Resourcepack has a number of unhappy models and WIP objects.


<Draccy> [SCENE MISSING]2019-12-08

Recovering From A Crash

Recently, some errant hardware in the Draccyserv server machine caused periodic failures. We are presently in the process of getting everything back online.