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<Draccy> Fixed The Lag!03/23/2018

Dungeons and Beta Status

Our "Alpha" RPG wasn't much more than a trade system strapped to NPCs to unlock recipes, but it was the start of something demonstrable. We will continue to carry the "Alpha" name until all dungeons are up and running. Presently, we are working on several dungeon designs, but nothing is playable yet.

Skill Tree System

We are developing a skill system that will attach recipes and abilities to a progress system. Interact with the RPG to unlock new recipes and materials. Complete combat objectives to get better weapons. Little by little, we are deconstructing the original Minecraft game to create new mechanics.

Skill classes we've thought of so far: Swords/Axes, Archery, Armor, Building, Travel, Bartering

One idea we have is for swords to get automatic enchantments in the hands of someone with sufficient sword level. Regular enchanting will be removed from the game.

Prepping for 1.13

The next big update to Minecraft brings many new aquatic features, but also some major changes to how blocks are generated and recipes are processed. We now have total control over recipes, including furnace smelting. As such, there are new metals and ores in development which will be implemented when 1.13 is released.

Expect very different crafting recipes than what you're used to. Smelt willemite stone to get tin ingots, combine with copper ingots for brass, combine brass with components to make contraptions. Other mundane recipes are being fleshed out to be more interesting, and we will be implementing a "reverse" recipe system that lets you turn items into their components.

<Draccy> Fixed The Lag!10/22/2017

Pigs No Longer Flying

I'm pleased to announce that the server no longer chokes to death when more than three players connect. Minecarts and other such transportation should move smoothly. Entities will fall to the ground predictably, etc. There were some issues with the function scripts controlling our City Heart system, which have been resolved.


We're working on some experimental dungeon concepts. Now that the server is running better, we aren't afraid to break out the big guns and put custom scripts to create truly unique experiences into play. We will be emulating some of the fun stuff you've seen in single player adventure maps, modded servers, and even classic games besides MC itself. (Zelda-style puzzles!)

Work in Progress

Things have been quieter lately. The summer took a lot of of people, but we're back on track! Thanks for being patient, everyone. Beta will probably be some time next year, but we will continue to develop for the time being.

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<Draccy> IT'S HAPPENING!07/27/2017

Official Alpha Launch

There is finally enough of a game running on Draccyserv that players can come and try it out. We've only got the basic trade quests for the moment, but we expect to be fleshing things out with more story, dungeons, minigames, adventures and so on.

Please invite your furry friends! Link our website. Spread it around.

Whitelist Active

We have turned on the whitelist. By the look of things, a number of our active players haven't actually signed up successfully. For the moment, the whitelist is working correctly, so please sign up so you can play with us! :3